Caught dating singles and personals

20-Sep-2017 07:36

On his first day he met his supervisor, John, who escorted him to his first-ever cubicle.

He sat down in his squeaky office chair and soaked in the sterile office environment.

He is about to retired soon and wants to come and join me after retiring.

His birthday is soon and want me to ask his diplomat permission to send him a care package for his birthday. recieved letters and more pictures (of this fake person) .

and wants him back in the states to be here when he gets out of army...

also said he was sick and need money for doctor and medications,,,, has no other family other then his son and lives in los angels CA.

It all sounded high-tech and fun, sure to continue to inspire Nelson towards his intended career.

Always telling me how great life i will have by his side in the a BIGscammer.......