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03-Aug-2017 06:15

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“It’s like a goodnight kiss to them,” he claimed, “how they say good-bye after a date.” A psychologist at New York University’s Parent Institute, meanwhile, predicted that soon a “substantial” number of kids would be having intercourse by middle school.“It’s already happening,” he told the who were afraid to parent” for an epidemic of oral sex among seventh-graders—again acting out larger anxieties about women, in this case working mothers, through concerns about unsupervised, wayward girls., young women barely past their Barbie phase were donning different shades of lipstick, then fellating groups of boys in turns, leaving behind a “rainbow” of makeup on each that among middle-class teens, oral sex—and by “oral sex,” it meant fellatio—not only was becoming ubiquitous, but that they were engaging in it far earlier and more casually than teens’ busy (read: neglectful) working parents realized.One health educator was quoted as saying, “‘Do you spit or do you swallow?

Pinning that change on Bill Clinton or the sexual revolution or parental permissiveness, however, would be simplistic—and incorrect.

President Bill Clinton’s alleged dalliance with Monica Lewinsky, a White House intern less than half his age, dominated the headlines, sending mortified parents leaping from the couch to twist the radio dial or grab the TV remote when the latest reports aired.