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Lucie would not be able to 'leave the place for at least a week', according to the caller, who seemed to know a lot about her personal affairs. you will not see Lucie again.' Louise immediately returned to the embassy and relayed details of the call to the vice-consul, whose advice was unequivocal: Louise must go back to the police and tell them everything.'Her credit card debt, around 1.1million yen (£7,000), could be returned much quicker if she stayed with the group rather than working at the Roppongi club,' he said. Even more tortuous for Louise than dealing with officialdom was calling Lucie's family in England.Tina kisses Dominika then pulls out her Christmas goodies, licks her nipples, and turns her around doggystyle.Tina pulls down Dominika's panties and rubs her pussy, then pulls her up into a wheelbarrow position and tongue-fucks her tight asshole.It was the money-spinning end of the whole hostess business, which was why girls, however friendly with each other, might choose to keep a big-spending client to themselves.Lucie had told Louise nothing of who she was going out with - not his name, nor anything about any car (although she was clearly in one when she rang) or even where they had gone, other than to the coast.

with a man, he was 'her' customer, and then each time he came to the club, the hostess received a cut of whatever was spent at his table.

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The vice-consul listened intently to everything Louise told him.

He then said, despite her reluctance, he would be contacting police to report 'an abduction rather than a missing person'. But it was a man's voice, speaking in heavily accented English.

She hadn't given Louise the name of her client, but she had called four times to keep in touch.