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07-Oct-2017 07:53

Always talk to the other person by telephone at least once before agreeing to meet for your first date.

Ask for a photo (if they didn't provide one in their profile) so that you can be assured of meeting the right person.

Be on the lookout for inconsistencies in their history or any stories they tell you of their life, background, or growing up.

Ask informative questions of the other person to ensure they match what and who they say they are in their profile.

Don't agree to do something just because it sounds like fun or exciting if it's really not you.

The point of online dating isn't to reinvent yourself or to try out everything new under the sun.

Use Common Sense It's funny I have to write those words, but they are just so important.

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So while it may sound romantic to agree to fly off to the Bahamas on a moment's notice with someone you barely know, it isn't very good common sense to do so. Proceed Slowly and Listen to Your Instinct As I wrote above, you need to take things slowly, even when it seems or feels right immediately, or the other person is pressuring you into meeting more fast than you are comfortable with. If the other person is a good match for you, then they will not only understand your pace, but will often mirror it!

Don't feel the need to give out your phone number if you're not comfortable doing so.