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12-Oct-2017 23:44

We could have easily picked another 20 records that are just as awesome and important.

There were so many bands and so many records in the first period of Nordic hardcore. But here are 20 bands, 20 records and 20 writers, sharing their thoughts on what some of these records meant to them.

As the Nordic proverb has it: “When the devil gets old he becomes religious”.

However this list is not an attempt to idolise bands or records, rather in doing this we’re paying respect to twenty early Nordic hardcore bands that we believe have acted as spearheads for the Nordic hardcore scene.

This is why I always return to the old stuff: the blend of tempo, ideas and a grain of magic.

Peter Swedenhammar / Raped Teenagers, Pusrad, KBD Records Norway had possible the most solid and coherent hardcore scene in the world. In the ongoing canonisation of early eighties hardcore from the Nordic countries, many great Norwegian bands seem to be repeatedly overlooked.

It is a wonderful EP that blends the more pretentious side of Icelandic punk.

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Bearing in mind the tendency to ignore Norwegian hardcore records, it is a great pleasure to realise that Bannlyst’s 1985 EP “La dem ikke lure deg” is now starting to become recognised, rightfully, as a true Scandinavian classic.The songs from the EP also got a well-deserved re-release with the Bannlyst discography LP from 2008 on Norwegian Leather.

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