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13-Aug-2017 23:45

I have a theory that it has something to do with sustained data transfers and port multipliers – I also have an 8 bay HDD farm on USB 2.0 which used to do the same thing with long data transfers, and that was on Windows Server 2003. I'm using a a u3s6 in a x16 slot, I can move it to the x4 slot and see...

If this theory is correct, then a single dock unit should not have this problem – I intend to buy a single dock USB 3.0 unit and see it that works better with my configuration. I was having the problem with seagate and hitachi, so its not just your WD's. EDIT: nope still drops out EDIT:in power management switched off "usb selective suspend"and link power state management to off also installed the asus usb3 drivers as opposed to the generic NEC ones Just copied about 250Gb at 74 mb/sec with no dropouts. I'll do a backup tonight of my 2TB drive and if that works I'll call it fixed. :) The USB 3.0 PCI-e card (Vantec UGT-PC302) has no problem tranfering files to a Vantec USB 3.0 external HDD case.

Still, it's a dramatic improvement from the multiple disconnections every day.

I have a question for others with this problem – I am now speculating that this might be some sort of insufficient power to the USB 3.0 bus problem.

I have been recently upgrading my PC a bit (new SSD Boot and Win7).

I was updating my Win7 and with that said restarting my computer a whole lot.

Some background information:-MOBO = p5q pro turbo-Have been restarting my pc a lot because Im having a lot of problems with windows update(updates fail to install dont know if thats relevant)-Have Win7 on SSD boot with 500GB HDD slave Sorry for the lengthy post, Im just frustrated and cant find a solution, although I think it is my MOBO(cant really afford to go get a new one right now) but I really hope I can find a fix.

Without the sustained data transfer, everything is fine. 2/problems-with-usb3-and-windows7Moving usb3 adaptor card to different pcie slot worked for this person.

I was going to post that I'd hammered this dock now for a week with no disconnections, but just got my first disconnection for the week.

This was which the PC was zipping a large number of files on another drive whilst copying from a Blu-ray disc to the external dock, so some pretty intense I/O going on, which I haven't really dared to do all week until now.

yes I saw that doesn't worry me too much as I'll be using it for doing backups and big transfers. you never know Just thought I'd add my 2 cents to this thread, as I have exactly the same problem, but with lots of different software/hardware, so perhaps this will help with figuring out this problem.

Strange feature to not be able to turn it off, though. I am running XP 32-bit and have the Zalman ZM-MH200 U3 dual HDD dock with 2 x WD hard discs and an MSi Star USB 3 interface card.I have also read scattered loosely related posts which suggest that it may be WD drives vs the docks that are the problem, so there's something else to try. not to the dock. So I assume the card is not the problem? Anyone else care to share their USB 3.0 Dock/card combination that works? i dont have enough sample size to be really sure but the 2 times it crapped out today is when I'd left the computer unattended.

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